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Making Biodiesel At Home

While the cost of gasoline is no longer at historic highs, it is unlikely to return back to the lows that we experienced throughout the late 1990s, when a gallon of gasoline or diesel cost approximately $1. The cost of fuel can fluctuate drastically, as we've seen over the last two years alone. Global politics, as well as weather, can lead to sudden increases in the price of fuel.

If you operate a diesel car or truck, making biodiesel at home is an alternative that helps you avoid these price shocks. Making biodiesel at home involves mixing used or unused vegetable oil to produce fuel that can be pumped directly into most diesel vehicles or machinery. With the biodiesel kits from www.evolutionbiodieselkits.com, we've made it easier than ever to enjoy the savings and environmental benefits offered by biodiesel.

The Bottom Line: Savings Come with Making Biodiesel at Home

Some users of biodiesel have reported that it costs them less than a dollar to make one gallon of biodiesel with unused vegetable oil. If a gallon of diesel costs $2.50, that's a saving of $1.50--and more if you get used vegetable oil from a restaurant for free. With a cost savings of roughly 60 percent, it's more than enough to make biodiesel a viable alternative to petroleum diesel.

If you're interested in making biodiesel at home, we offer processors in several different sizes. Most of our kits also include an instructional DVD along the with printed instructions that detail the process of making biodiesel at home. Call us today at (281) 652-5716 or send an email to sales@evolutionbiodieselkits.com if you'd like to learn more.

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